His Best Companion

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We go through many stages in life. 
"Each stage brings with it bodily changes ranging from continuing growth during childhood through early adulthood, slight declines during middle adulthood, and often significant loss of functioning in late adulthood"  "His best companion, innocence and health. And his best riches ignorance and wealth. How happy he who crowns in shades like these. A youth of labour with an age of ease, " said Oliver Goldsmith. This sums up what youth is all about. it is indeed sad, that this stage in our lives comes but only once, for what precedes it is childhood, which is spent in play and fun and what follows is a old age and misery. Thus in a sense this is the prime of our lives.

Youth is indeed " Age of ease " for they are mentally and physically in the pink of health. their minds are fresh and hence more receptive to new ideas and thourhts. Physically too they have matured with all faculty functioning optimally. it is, therefore, the right age,for them to choose their future career, by selecting a specific course of study. This is why we find most competitive examinations targeting youth. Their physical attributes and adaptability to their new envoirnment, make them ideal for recruitment to the defence services.

The innocence and the ignorance are but a blessing, for they suffer from no prejudice or doubts and thus their approach to life is positive and optimistic. This makes them highly enthusiastic and daring  When a person gets older, he loses his motivation to be active in society, explore more, and experience things he has not experienced before. This is why being young is better than being old. Young people are motivated to be successful in their lives, faced with less complicated problems, and have more opportunities to become who they want to be than when they are older. Having motivation to be successful in life is very important, but as a person gets older he loses When you are young, your body is healthy and strong -- you can pretty much do what you want to with it. And, life seems exciting and fun, lots of new things to do. Youth usually think they know everything and the world is in black and white with few grey areas. Youth is better for health and newness, old age is better for experience and sometimes wisdom. The advantages are that you have your health, your whole life ahead of you, and not really a lot of responsibility. no wrinkles,nothings saggy,more energy and trying new things and you have your whole life ahead of you! The disadvantages are you really have no say in your enviroment, hindisght is 20/20, even if you have a good plan you don't always have the resources to execute it, the future seems so far off and your parents seem so old you think you have a lot of time.  Disadvantage of being young: you think you know everything and that you're smarter than everyone else, but really you don't know anything! Then, when you are old and have learned a lot of the answers you don't have as much energy and motivation to do things. you have less experience to guide you. Don't waste it - it goes fast. Some of the advantages of youth are physical in nature. Young people are able to perform most physical tasks with relative ease and recover relatively quickly after exertion. Older people may take days to feel back to normal after a day of intensive physical exertion.  Older people often reflect on this aspect of youth, especially when bending down to pick things off the floor. Consider also that most Olympic athletes are under twenty-five years of age. A majority of professional athletes are similarly young. Only the best in any sport are able to carry on past the flush of youth through skill, smarts and tenacity. The average career span of a professional athlete is actually only a few years, which speaks to the importance of the physical benefits of youth. (Only the young can perform the tasks, on average.)  Also, young people will tend to have more family of older generations....
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