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 My Hero

In your life people come and go, but there is always that one person or people who you will always remember, and those are the ones that you admire or look up to. “The simple acts of heroism are often overlooked- that’s very clear to me not only in war but in peace.” (Oliver Stone p.3) People can walk by the homeless and think they aren’t important but in reality most of them are. Most of them are veterans from war who saved us and our ancestors. “Within these walls they were born, and here they shall die.” (Benjamin Franklin p.2)

In today’s society, teenagers and kids look up to celebrities, the unrealistic people who have money solely by fame. Some do look up to good celebrities though. They could be Taylor swift who donated 4 million to the Country Hall of Fame or even Demi Lovato who supports the anti-bullying campaigns such as “Mean Stinks” and Love is Louder. To me, you should look up to more realistic people that you see every day like, “The teenager who says no to crack…The kid who stands alone instead of joining a gang,… People who take risks despite fear.” (Oliver Stone p.5)

It’s so crazy to think that the people around us are true heroes. Even little things such as dogs for the disabled are considered heroes. A boy helping an old lady cross the street, kids that stand up for others, and even people who volunteer at homeless shelters just to see a smile on someone’s face. Those are the true heroes.

But, after all this talk of heroes, I can tell you who my hero is. That special someone dear to my heart is my Grandpa. He literally saved me from dying. He rescued me and helped give me a better life. Without him, I would end up pregnant, doing drugs, and an alcoholic. But no, he picked me up and carried me through life. I am the person I am today because of him and I thank him for that. He believed in me when no one else did. He is my hero....
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