Helping the Homeless

Topics: English-language films, Homelessness, The Streets Pages: 2 (596 words) Published: February 25, 2013
Duy Tran
ENG 101
“Helping the Homeless” Critical response
Homeless is a common feature in most developed countries. It has existed for a long time often we choose not to see the homeless, or bother with them, so we look the other way. Homeless is not prejudice toward race, creed or religion, it has no boundaries. Don’t look at the at them and judge them like they are all bad person, they are all lazy that’s why they become the homeless. Look at their past and listen to their story because not all of homeless people are bad. “Helping the Homeless” by Malcoln Feeley will show us about it because he was to the one of the homeless.

Feeley had been the homeless in a few years because he was an alcoholic and lost his job, even his family. He lived on the streets, under the bridge and slept in the park. He met a lot of good friends that they all had the same problem. They all like brothers, they shared the food, and drink to someone really need. They took care; help each other to survive every day in their life. “We shared bottles and food when someone didn’t have anything, and we watched each other’s back”. They also were a good people, a hard worker, with a fully decent and be honest to everyone. The reason they became a homeless because the job are not available as they were back in the day. People are losing their homes, jobs and credit so they couldn’t pay rent for house, pay the basic things that they need in life. They couldn’t find any help from people to help them find a job, even with the less payment. “Other homeless, through no fault of their own, have lost their jobs and can’t pay rent. Many are war veterans who returned with emotional or physical problems that prevented them from holding jobs or fitting back into society”. Some people got back from war with damaged about physically, mentally with disable to working, what could they do to survive in our life? Nowhere or any company want to hire them because they think those people can’t work, but a...
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