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" There is nothing more rewarding That Participate in the Development of Children and Youth.

What Motivates Those who do cluster around a institution like ours, I am not mistaken if I summarize ASI : 's go Beyond Self, is to enter into communion altruistic scam Draft United Nations , is the satisfaction see Becoming young the UN Integro Adult UN provide him with tools from heading for these open the POSSIBILITY of achieving UN Best scam Tomorrow do Self-Help , is to perceive intimately that the shares have value WHEN aim to improve the lives of the People is ... the joy of giving joy.

 How can people help?
We help people because we are able to feel and to put ourselves in the shoes of others. Also help generate personal and collective happiness. At present there are many poor people who need our help and we can put a little on our part to improve their situation.

In times of crisis, NGOs are the refuge where many people find help. They distribute food, clothing and other timely aid to people in need. However, many organizations lack sufficient resources to meet all requests for help. Therefore, it is important that, as far as possible, we help these entities through financial donations, materials and time through volunteering. People with money :

The people most likely can help poor people in many ways, but one of the best ways to help is making economic contributions to NGOs, which distribute income in the areas where needs are identified. Organizations such as Caritas, Red Cross or Doctors of the world accept donations to help people overcome their difficulties.
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