Health Promotion

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Critically outline and discuss Irish health promotion policies.

Health is an important factor in all human beings lives; it is what determines the lifestyles we will be able to achieve, the standard of living we will achieve along with many more factors. Therefore it is vital that we understand our health system and the strategies used to benefit our well-being. That is why our health systems throughout the years have changed and adapted, to allow them to adequately deal with the public’s needs. For the purpose of this essay the writer will begin by briefly outlining the development of Ireland’s health systems from 1989 to date. The writer will then look at what health is and will finish by looking at health promotion and what it is and with the aid of an example to attempt to convey the importance of health promotion policies. Ireland’s health system is predominantly a two tiered system, consisting of a difference in treatment for those on private and public health insurance in relation to both access and levels of care within hospitals. This system created an inequity of care for a citizen which is unacceptable, as all citizens should have equal health opportunities. The citizens no longer agreed with the system and began to speak up, looking for equality, resulting in the 1980’s that the services that are necessary on the criterion of comprehensiveness, access of patients to be determined on their health needs rather than their ability to pay or geographical position and for entitlements to be met in an equal manner. This was outlined in the Commission on Health Funding in 1989, however they still believed in the two tiered system. They altered the system by stating that there should be a waiting list established between private and public waiting lists, but that they would not be defined on the list through their ability to pay. Health is an important factor in all lifestyles across the globe it allows us to carry out gratifying lifestyle, it enables us to achieve the hopes and desires that we wish to achieve. It allowed for a standard of care and a level of equity to be met between medical professionals and those requiring their expertise. This was a vital change in our health system, followed by a document published by the Department of health in 1994 titles ‘Shaping a Healthier Future’. This document again dealt with the equity concern and did not see the problem with the two tiered system but did see a problem with disadvantaged groups such as the travelers. However the document did recommend a uniform of rules to aid in determining eligibility across health boards, reducing waiting times for public patients and focusing in on the health needs of particular disadvantaged groups (e.g. the travelers). The Document put forth a four year plan which aimed to deal with over 200 factors including premature mortality in relation to cardiovascular disease, cancers, accidents and many more. In 2001 a new document was published, one that was based on a consultative process. It was a 7-10 year plan which offered the public an ample strategy for all factors of health care in the system. The vision was and is to create; ‘A health system that supports and empowers you, your family and community to achieve your full health potential. A health system that is there when you need it, that is fair, and that you can trust. A health system that encourages you to have your say, listens to you, and ensures that your views are taken into account.’ Without a good standard of health we will face a turbulent journey through our two tiered system. Health is also linked in with social gain. According to the World Health Organisation (W.H.O) health is outlines as; World Health Organisation: ‘a complete state of physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity’ … ‘a resource for everyday life, not the objective of living; it is a positive concept emphasising social and...

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