Health Patterns

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Assessment of the eleven Functional Health Patterns of Tohono- o’odham Nation, Arizona

Values/ Belief Pattern
• The ethnical and cultural groups in Tucson are:-
• Tohono o’odham-24,000 people
• Lives in 4 reservations:- “Main” Reservation
-Florence Village
-San Xavier
-San Lucy
Other members also live in Mexico.
• Nation’s capital is in Sells Community
• Speaks several different dialects
• Religion – They are mainly Catholics, however they still acknowledge and practice “Hamdage” –way of life. • Members work in Tohono- O’odham nation, Federal jobs and in local industries in Tucson and Phoenix. • Local industries include farming and basket weaving. • Economy includes 2 main casinos- Desert diamond casino and Golden Ha:san Casino. • 5 recreation centers

• 1 acute care hospital in Sells- 34 bed facility, JCAHO accredited, has about 1200 admission annually, 50-100 obstetrics births, about 200-300 delivery are through contracted hospitals in Tucson. • 2 health centers:- San Xavier Health center

-Santa Rosa clinic
• 6 head start pre schools
• Other groups in Tucson compared to Tohono-O’odham nation are as follows- • White 341,424 -67.3%
• Black or African American 21,057 -5%
• Hispanic or Latino 39.5%
• Asian 11,959 -3.2%
• Native Hawaiian and other Pacific Islander 796 -0.3% • Other races 23.5%
• 3 Mental hospitals that serves Tohono-O’odham nation under Indian Health services contracts are:-UPH Kino Hospital, Palo verde hospital, and Sonora Hospital, Other community mental resources include COPE, CODAC and La Frontera among others.

Health Perception/ Management
• Healthcare is provided by Indian Health services.
• Diabetes type 2 is the main challenge of the community. They have the highest rate >50% in the world. Diabetes prevention projects are in place and are taught in schools and community. • Alcoholism is another challenge for this community

• STD’S and infant mortality are other challenge to the community. Programs include SHAPP- for STD/HIV/AIDs prevention. It increases aware of the impact of HIV/ AIDS among native American • Safety fairs held by Indian Health services and local hospitals. • Teenage pregnancy prevention programs.

• Health Insurance services are through Indian Health services. • 1 -34 bed Hospital in sells. Patients are also transferred in local hospitals and clinics. Local hospitals also have programs specialized for Native American • 5 Recreational Programs.

• Mental Community resources are offered through Indian Health services through local hospitals and clinics. • Community mental resources for example COPE, CODAC and La Frontera.

Health statistics (Tucson)
• Immunizations rates: 2007 at least 97% of children between the age of 19-35 months were immunized in the reservation • Death rates 8.5 per 1000
• Birth rates 14.4 per 1000
• Infant death rates 7.7 per 1000 live births.
• Diabetes, Obesity, chemical dependency and neonatal care • High numbers of pregnant adolescents and inadequate of literacy skills • Cultural ideas about health care practices could be contradictory and difficult to overcome

Nutrition/ Metabolic
• There is high population that is obese including children, 24% of the state population is obese (U.S. Obesity, 2010). • Promotion of Tohono-O’odham traditional foods through ▪ Increase production of tradition foods

▪ Increase and promote distributions of traditional foods Good marketing and education campaign about tradition foods. • Tradition foods include Saguaro fruit and syrup, tepary beans, O’odham squash, O’odham peas and cholla buds. • Subsidized school breakfast...

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