Health Orginiazational Case Studey

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Health Organization Case Study
Banner Health is a large organization that started in Phoenix, Arizona and has grown over the last ten years and is serving communities in several states. On Sept. 1, 1999, nonprofit Samaritan Health System and Lutheran Health Systems merged together. Lutheran Health System had history dating from 1938 as a respected health care provider in rural communities located across Western and Midwestern states. Samaritan Health System was formed in 1911 and provided clinical excellence in California and Arizona, primarily in the metro Phoenix area (Banner, 2012). At the time of the merger, Banner Health was in fourteen states, had 22,500 employees, with thirty two hospitals and 2,882 beds, over the years, Banner Health has grown into one of the largest health care systems in the country, and is in seven states and has 35,000 employees, 23 hospitals and 4,330 beds. The seven states are Arizona, Alaska, California, Colorado, Nebraska, Nevada, and Wyoming (Banner, 2012). The organization provides emergency care, hospital care, ambulatory care, which includes Banner Health Centers and Clinics staffed by Banner Medical Group physicians, hospice, long-term/home care, outpatient surgery centers, labs, and rehabilitation services (Banner, 2012). Banner Health has a mission statement that revolves around the patient and their needs focusing on being a non for profit organization. “We exist to make a difference in people's lives through excellent patient care” (Health, 2012) with this statement the values of the organization, people overall, excellence and results, meaning all employees treat their patients with compassion, respect and communicate with the patient, then moving on to excellence where the employee is resourceful, proactive, and responsible with an outcome of great results, great performance, agile, and accountability (Health, 2012). Addressing health care needs of patients in the next decade
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