Health Care System in Korea

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Health Care System in South Korea.
Health Care system can be defined as the care and service which is been given to any individual by the help of medical and health related professionals. Health care also means to treat, manage and prevent the health of all humans. Health care is an important aspect of life as every individual needs to be healthy, and without health care it is not possible to remain fit. In South Korea National Health Insurance (NHI) compulsorily provides health care. Even the foreigners who reside in South Korea and are registered with the National Health Insurance corporation gets the equal medical benefits and care as the nationals over there get. All the people residing in the country are eligible to health care without considering any nationality or profession. General hospitals, oriental hospitals, public health centre’s and also the private hospitals provides a high quality health services. South Korea is experiencing the sharply increasing life expectancy. Traditionally people find it a burden to look after the elders in their houses. To tackle with this situation government has launched a Long Term Care Insurance program in July 2008, in almost all the places in South Korea as a Pilot Implementation study. As a result of health financial deficit and increase in the number of elderly population, South Korea is becoming an aging society faster than any other country. Along with the increased number of elders there is a faster increase in the medical expenditure for chronic degenerative diseases, this has become a burden socially. To reduce the burden, especially on the young generation the government is endeavoring, through health care reforms. Increment in the health care facilities and introduction of various other Insurances are the measures undertaken by The MIHWAF. Access to medical care services in South Korea should be addressed due to the regional inequalities. In urban areas there are many private medical facilities...
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