Health Care Summary

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Health Care Summary

Michelle Donald


Instructor: Kathie Huttegger

Health Care Summary

Health Care Administration is a profession I found myself drawn to. Early in my career I believed I wanted to be an attorney. As I entered college and began doing research, working with an attorney, I found that I had a knack for research and talking with people so I became a paralegal. When I graduated in 1999 as a paralegal, I fell on hard times, had children, but I did a lot of freelance work for different attorneys in the area. At this point, health care was not something I was looking to as a profession. In 2001, I came across a health care professional and after talking with her she said how she sees the potential within me to be in health care. At this point I was offered a job as a secretary within the infectious disease department at one of the major hospitals in Mississippi. This job started my 10 year journey to the introduction of my career in health care. As years went on, I realized that my calling is health care but I was confused as to what I actually wanted to do. In 2007, I entered and was accepted into the LPN program. I made it all the way to the last semester and I realized that health care administration was the key for me. Upon my more research I found University of Phoenix Health Care Administration Program and I have loved it from day one.

Currently I work in a law firm where I am the health care accounting paralegal. I handle all the health care issues presented to the firm and I am responsible for billing and accounting. I would love to work in the area of compliance. Since I have been around laws and regulations throughout my career, I believe that transitioning into health care compliance is a given for me.
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