Health Care Rights

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  Should you have to work for your health care or is it a right that should be given. 

March 21, 2013

Have you ever been in a car accident and the air bag deployed? It may have saved your life and you start to become thankful for having air bags in your vehicle. Now if an air bag weren’t place in the car then you would heighten the risk of getting injured and dying. This is also the same concept that goes with healthcare and us. If healthcare weren’t available to everyone then we would heighten the risk of dying if we get ill or injured. Healthcare should be a standard role in everyone’s lives just how airbags are standard in all cars that are produced in today’s society. That is why healthcare should be an essential and prominent right that should be given to everyone who needs it, because we all need it as our airbag to stay alive.

Lets start backwards to get some information on how healthcare has formed throughout history. President Teddy Roosevelt was the first to push universal health care for all Americans during 1912.1 Health insurance was largely unavilable at the time. Doctors were not as extremely educated enough about diseases to really provide much useful care to sick people and there for they didn’t charge very much. The Social Security Act became establish as a system of federal old-age benefits and to provide states with funds to build local health departments. This took place during the great depression (1935), when Franklin D. Roosevelt was president. Around this time doctors began learning more about diseases and effective treatments. In 1946, the hospital survey and construction act was past. This act gave states access to federal grants to help pay for the maintenance and construction of public health centers. When President Eisenhower was in office, he past the Internal Revenue Act and authorize military Medicare. These acts created tax exclusion for many employers to provided benefits and extend health insurance to dependents. The supply of health insurance increased as commercial insurance companies entered the market. The Union negotiations also reinforce the employment-based health insurance system. The use of healthcare increased as medical technology became more sophisticated and cost started to rise. The government started to encourage employers to offer health insurance as part of employee compensation packages. The problem that came up is that those who retired from their job lost their health insurance. Speeding the process up we enter 1965, were Medicare and Medicaid programs are past in order to provide the elderly with medical coverage. Currently we have a good understand on the development of healthcare. This 20th century healthcare has been getting out of control. There are a number of factors that has drive the cost of healthcare sky high. This is from medical technology, increasing medication costs, and problems with managed care systems. There are a large number of Americans who don’t have health insurance and can testify that the healthcare system needs to be reform. The 2 primary issues of healthcare that needs to be reform are the available access to healthcare and the affordability of healthcare. Many Americans, with and without health insurance, face crippling financial debt from their medical care. The big question is what should be done with this large healthcare problem? Should healthcare be a right given to Americans or should you have to work for it?

First of all the Declaration of Independence clearly states that all men have the unalienable right to “Life”. If we don’t have health care to support that natural right then we are like in an ocean that we can fish in all we want but without any supplies to do so. Second of all the Preamble of the Constitution states that its purpose is to “promote the general welfare” which health care has to be included into this idea because it helps promote the general welfare of...

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