Health Care: Right or Privilege

Topics: Health care, Health economics, Medicine Pages: 14 (4838 words) Published: October 26, 2014
There will always be a debate about the best health care system and I believe everyone should be able to take advantage to their own health care plan. Healthcare is generally offered through the work place with an usually excellent heath care plan. In the United States heath care has been a debatable issue and will continue to be until a fair solution for all economic classes is found. I believe solutions need to be resolved so that everyone will have equitable access to a reasonable health care plan. I understand that a great number of people go without the care they desperately need due to a lack of adequate insurance. Having mandatory insurance is great but most people may not be able to afford it. The insurance companies have to increase their rates and this making it almost impossible to keep coverage on yourself and your families for those who have coverage ( Zinser and Hsieh, 2008). Since I have been back in the workforce, I never was concerned nor took notice of arguments going back and forth around the issue of health care. I am presently working full time through a federal funded program at Head Start and I cannot afford to lose my insurance even though it takes about half my income to maintain my coverage. The rise of the health care is affecting everyone and trying to reform a failing health care system would be a good idea. Insurance rates are rising and impacting Americans, many working class cannot afford insurance. So about twenty-seven-million working Americans have no insurance for them or their families because of the high cost of their insurance premiums (Abelson, 2001). The more government involves itself in medicine, the worse health care will get; quality of health care will diminish as the system struggles to contain rising cost, while shortages and long waiting times for treatment will become more and more common place. Furthermore, so many people are finding it difficult to get individual and family health care coverage. For example, it would be even harder to maintain coverage when an insured person loses their jobs or the company down sizes to perhaps have their product made overseas at a cheaper wage or if the company closes because of the state of the economy. The early result is a veritable flood of controversial rules and regulations, administrative decisions, and guidelines directly affecting the lives of millions of Americans (Owcharenko, 2010). The amount of money the United Sates spends for the uninsured each year is into the one-hundred- billion dollars or more. Many Americans avoid medical care due to the high cost of treatment. The cost of a yearly health insurance annual premium for an average family coverage through an employer reached fifteen thousand seventy three in 2011, an increase of nine percent over the previous year (Abelson, 2011). This rise of heath care is affecting everyone. Many average working individuals cannot afford insurance and most have no insurance to cover themselves or their families because of the high cost of their insurance premiums. Employers of many companies are raising the cost due to the fact that it is difficult to provide comprehensive insurance for their employees. With the cost of insurance continuing to rise, many individuals will seek their own coverage through private insurance market and turn down employer based insurance plans. In some instances, people will go with out because the cost of premiums for the insurance plans is too high. Long before the government became involved in their campaign against the medical profession, physicians were able to help treat the general public and the people in need as part of their practice. Physicians are not paid today as they were in the past but instead they are paid by discounted programs, HMO, and public health insurance (Zinser & Hsieh, 2008). The experience of health care is costing our society their health and our country billions of dollars. It is not only the patients that suffer; the...
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