Health Care Professionals

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Health Care Professionals
Denise Brinson
Dr. Manuel Johnican
Health Services Organizations
HAS 500 007
May 30, 2011

Health Care Professionals
1.Identify and describe three reasons there may be a physician shortage rather than a surplus in the United States. One reason for shortage is widespread dissatisfaction, particularly in managed care. Both physicians and patients feel there is a limit on choice. “Medicine’s distaste of tightly controlled reimbursement and of non-physicians’ attempts to control their work fueled much of this backlash” (Williams & Torrens, 2008, p.270). All this has caused a movement away from capital insurance arrangements and back to a more closely resembled fee-for-service plan, especially preferred provider organizations. With the move away from organized forms of medical practice usually means there will be a greater need for more physicians to deliver the same type of service. A second reason for a shortage is “The reasons for this are clear: Women still do a majority of the tasks surrounding the raising of children and maintaining a home, leaving less time available for practice. Taken together this important demographic shift within the workforce may produce more pressure for more rather than fewer physicians” (Williams & Torrens, 2008, p.). One reason for this may be due to the increasing number of women in the workforce, but it also affects men as well. All are seeking a lifestyle that allows them to have weekends off, a limited number of hours worked during the week and other amenities that would allow for activities outside the workplace. All together, this will reduce time available for patient care. 2.Identify and describe three factors that contribute to the nursing shortage in the United States. One reason for a nursing shortage is due to a decrease of nursing school enrollments. Since 2003, the enrollment has been steadily decreasing, this combined with what the federal government estimates,...

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