Health Care Marketing Analysis Paper

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Marketing for Health Care
Lydia Wooten
 Health Care Marketing Analysis
November 26, 2012
Debra Schrager

Health Care Marketing Analysis
Planned Parenthood has been established since 1916. That was created by women named Sanger, her sister, and friend that created a birth control clinic. They develop Planned Parenthood for the reasoning on fighting for women's health, rights, and equality. The company stood for each right of individual to have control of his or her fertility regardless of income status, marital status, race, age, nationality, or sexual orientation. “Sanger incorporates the American Birth Control League, an ambitious new organization that embraces the global issues of world population growth, disarmament, and world famine” (Planned Parenthood, n.d.). Planned Parenthood provides many services on reproductive health services and for reason they are the largest in the U.S. including cancer screening, HIV screening and counseling, contraception, and abortion. Other health services may not offer family planning as Planned Parenthood does and they help serve a large proportion of women. Planned Parenthood helps care, test, and treat a large part of the population including teenagers, men and women. Several corporations and media are against the organization for reasons but Planned Parenthood believes they are the help, face and voice for the people who need counseling or aid. Throughout this paper I will describe how product, pricing, place, and promotion are important to the establishment of Planned Parenthood. Product

Planned Parenthood is design for a health services to assist anyone whether young, male or female and assist them in many areas. Some of their services are checkups for reproductive or sexual health problems, infertility screening and referral, routine physical exams, vasectomy, and prostate cancer screenings along with many more services. Women who are seeking specialized health services have the opportunity to received their services which include contraception’s which can be birth control or morning after pill, abortions, screening, testing such as HIV/AIDS or any other sexual transmitted disease, pregnancy testing, prenatal care, infertility, and general health care. Pricing

Planned Parenthood offer affordable services to all that seek health care service. The price will vary based on the type of procedure that will be needed such as abortion range from $350 to $485. One good option that Planned Parenthood offers is a service where it is little or no cost that depends on the family size or the income of the patient. “Planned Parenthood works to make health care accessible and affordable. Some health centers are able to charge according to income. Most accept health insurance. If you qualify, Medicaid or other state programs may lower your health care costs (Planned Parenthood, 2012). For instance, if a single parent makes less than $2,522 per month it is possible there health service can be low cost or even free because of the low income due to cost of living. For patients who qualify for free services include birth control, pap smears, emergency contraception, and sterilization. Another reason why Planned Parenthood Price is free or low cost than other health services because they rely on donations from other avenues. Planned Parenthood receives one-third of its budget, $300 million, from the Federal Government from US taxpayers (Parker, 2008). Place

Planned Parenthood is national known and they have over 77 locations throughout the U.S. and just recently they are global. “There are 77different independent local affiliates that operate over 800 health centers around the United States” (Planned Parenthood, n.d.). Each health facility offers different services due to regulations that some health clinics may offer and it could be illegal at other clinics such as abortions. Planned Parenthood offers Information for teens at...

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