Health Care Event

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Health Care Event
HCS 531
June 17, 2013
Tracy Miller

Health Care Event
Health care has been influenced by numerous significant events throughout history. These events have helped change and shape health care in efforts to improve it, and to fit in with the current needs of the population. Some of the influences include society, culture, finance, religion, politics, technology, health trends, the environment, and population (Shi & Singh, 2012, p. 9). This paper will discuss a significant event that has changed or affected health care today, explain how the historical evolution of health care was impacted, and assess the significant event based on personal values and beliefs.

Significant Event’s Relation to Health Care

Through the many events that have taken place in the health care industry one that comes to mind is how excessive litigation affecting health care today. Litigation has become so broad that it has become a specialized department in the law industry. When one watches television, listens to the radio, browses the Internet, or looks at other media outlets he or she is bound to come across some advertisements for litigations against health care facilities and professionals at frequent intervals. It is not unexpected to see or hear several of them throughout the day. Law firms have even become specialized in health care related cases and focus on specific conditions caused by some sort of illness, medication, or even procedure. The result of this is that health care facilities close due to the financial burden of payments resulting from litigations, in the long run the amount paid for malpractice insurance rises, insurance premiums rise, and costs of health care increases because of the additional procedures ordered to try to prevent litigation (Satiani, 2004). The practice of defensive medicine is estimated to cost two and a half times average coverage cost and the estimated savings in tort reform is passed in 50 billion dollars...

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