Health Care Economics Issues Hmo Simulation

Topics: Health insurance, Health maintenance organization, Health economics Pages: 3 (860 words) Published: December 25, 2011
Health Care Economics Issues HMO Simulation
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Economics: The Financing of Health Care

Health Care Economics Issues HMO Simulation
Castor Collins is a health insurance company that offers health maintenance organization (HMO) to organizations. This health insurance company was founded in 1999 in Pantome. Two organizations are trying to seek coverage for their employees and have chosen to see what Castor Collins has to offer them. The two companies are Constructit and E-editor that are seeking policies for their employees. Each one of these companies has provided the demographics, health risks and maximum premiums they are willing to pay. The insurance company has three different plans they have to offer for these two companies .Castor Collins will review the company’s information and decided which plan is best for which company to see if they will be able to meet the companies’ needs. Castor Collins will also make sure their financial liability will not be too high. The three insurance plans Castor Collins has to offer is castor standard, castor enhanced, and castor enhanced minor. The castor plan and the castor enhanced plan offer the same type of services with little price different. The biggest difference between these two plans is the castor standard plan does not cover pre-existing conditions and the castor enhanced plan does cover pre-existing conditions. The castor enhanced minor plan is different from the other too because one can exclude particular coverage, such as mental health/substance abuse, sterilization and obesity. Looking over the Constructit Company they have 1000 employees working for them. The people at Constructit are willing to pay a maximum premium of $4,000 per person. The company has 550 men working for them and 450 women working for them. Out of all the employees 32% of them are involved in a great deal of physical activity during their work day,25% have moderate...
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