Health Care Delivery Systems

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Running Head: Health Care Delivery Systems Essay

Abstract The American health care system is designed to focus on the organizations of individuals, places, and to treat and prevent adequate health care for the target populations. The federal government conducts an immense portion of delivering health care systems in our world today. The purpose for health care delivery systems is to provide financial tangible benefits and provide health care services for the population and institutions. The results showed for the support of the hypothesis is elaborating in the importance of different health care delivery systems and the purpose in how they are utilized in today’s health reform.

Running Head: Health Care Delivery Systems Essay

Health Care Delivery Systems
Health care systems engage the initial contact of people and it is the foundation of primary health care. In order to receive primary health care it begins with providing a service to families, people, and communities through health professionals and their teams. The Health care delivery systems is involved with a proactive method to prevent health issues and to better ensure the organization and to investigate once a health issue has transpired. In addition, these type of services are publicly funded from general tax revenues without direct charges to the patient (Health Canada, 2011). The most two similar forms of health care delivery systems is managed care systems ex. (HMO) and fee for service (FFS). The fee for service plan is generally called Traditional Indemnity (Website 101, 2009). Fee for service offers flexible measures for the exchange of drastically high out of pocket expenses, it also requires a substantial amount of paperwork and premiums are high. Furthermore, some advantages are having the privilege in selecting hospitals and physicians of your own,...

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