Health Care Costs

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Health Care Costs

Health Care Costs
By: Katrina Robinson
Health Services Organizations
Pica-Branco, Denise

Provide a discussion that demonstrates you have an understanding of the impact the cost of health care has on the economy. Be sure to discuss the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Health Care spending is on a raised emotional and physical. Health care spending is concerning the United States economy is healthcare system. The majority countries the healthcare system in the United States is not public, meaning that the state does not provide free or despicable healthcare services. Gross domestic product is perceived to be one of the primary indicators used to determine the health of any country's economy. It usually embodies the total dollar value of all goods and services that are produced over a particular period of time. Basically it is expressed as a comparison to the preceding quarter or year. It is calculated either by adding up what all the citizens in a country have earned in that particular year (income approach ) or by adding up what was spent by everyone (expenditure method). The health conditions of societies are only reflected in the increase in costs of health system through GDP. A more expensive health care system will increase the value of GDP. High income also does not reflect the health condition of an individual. A more advanced technique in health care system which causes life-expectancy, inefficiency, lifestyles and prevention is not reflected in GDP. The cost and benefits from health is hard to identify in GDP. GDP only measures the size of the pie but not how the pie is divided up. When a country’s GDP increases, this means that the country has more goods and products, however those goods may be unequally distributed as GDP do not provide the compositions of products consumed by a typical person. Healthcare is a very important component of national development and that the creation of a healthy and productive workforce is essential to support and sustain the growth of the nation. Health care legislation impacts an array of factors such as quality of health care, insurance coverage, the free market, etc. Select two to three (2-3) areas impacted by health care legislation such as HR 3962, and provide an argument in support of the health care act and two arguments that are in opposition to such a health care act. The new healthcare bill in the United States, called the Affordable Care Act, has changed American healthcare for the worse. There are three main groups besides politicians and the public who are most affected by this bill. There are associations like the American Medical Association who are concerned with the wide ranging global and national effects of the bill. There are individual professionals who are concerned what the bill will mean for their profession and there are the insurance companies who are having difficulties incorporating the bill. Some of the problems with the bill include, but are not limited to, hospital/doctor reimbursement for patients who do not pay, lack of incentive for doctors to specialize, and the insurance companies’ issues with implementing the new stipulations. While the Affordable Care Act is supposed to alleviate for the poor by providing them with healthcare plans they would otherwise not have access to, the Act leaves too many problems unsolved to be considered a good thing for the United States. The dream is health coverage for everyone in the United States. It will not matter if you are rich or poor, sick or well. Congress recently passed a bill that reaches for this goal. The bill is called the Affordable Care Act. The new healthcare bill, hereafter called the ACA, has changed healthcare in the United States forever, but not for the better. There are three points of view on the new Act: global-professional, individual-professional, and the view on insurance. Each of these views has both good and bad things to say about the new Act,...

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