Health Care Communications Method Option 2

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October 6, 2014
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Health Care Communication Methods
Communication Coordinators manage their company’s communication strategies. This includes internal (coworkers) and external (public) communication methods. They are in charge of releasing information and responding to any inquiries regarding the information. Communication Coordinators also manage event planning, communication budgets, and social media outlets. For this paper, I will assume the role of Communications Coordinator for a national drug manufacturer named “Pharmaco”. One of our medications at Pharmaco has recently been reported to cause significant negative effects among those prescribed. The medicine known as “Olaz” is prescribed to a large number of people. To make matters worse, there have been reports that a well-known public figure is counted amongst the effected. Negative feedback from this figure could lower the public opinion of Pharmaco and damage the company’s credibility. As Communications Coordinator, I am tasked with the responsibility of addressing news reports and the general public regarding the situation. Communication comes in a variety of forms including traditional, electronic, and social media. These forms all have their advantages and disadvantages. Each form must also adhere to rules and regulations such as the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Traditional media encompasses a wide range of communication mediums. This includes newspapers, magazines, outdoor billboards, direct mail, radio, and television. Most of the population will at least encounter one of these mediums during their day. Traditional media is advantageous because all of the mediums are one way forms of communication. This would give Pharmaco the ability to send a message to the public, without having to answer any questions immediately. While public interaction is inevitable, traditional...

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