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Self Assessment
A career in health care is a growing segment in the developing world. Home health care is not a considerably understood role for nurses. In some ways because people view home health care as care only for the older patient and in some ways because the responsibility of a nurse in home health often varies. The nurse’s role in home health is one of a nurse, professional, companion, friend, and much more. Nurse’s job duties in home health never end.

In this paper the student will demonstrate how she, describes herself as a person and the values especially important to her. The student will demonstrate the personal and professional development she has gained with past and present experiences that have transitioned her to the position she is at now in home health care and where she would like to be in the future. Personality Description

Working in health care as a professional over the last five years, the student has grown to become what most people hope to achieve in a lifetime. Starting a career in the grocery business, moving toward a certification as a nursing aide, to now being a licensed professional in the health care field, the student demonstrates day in and day out a person whom one can call a friend, one who cares, is compassionate, and sweet.

Through past and present experiences the student, has become one whom shows devotion to those persons most important to her at home and at work. The student is aware and engaged of her surroundings. With this awareness she has demonstrated on numerous of times with past and present experiences she is a good listener, understanding, quick, and thorough concerning her duties as a nurse and as a person to those who rely on her.

Importance of Values
Values describe a person’s well being and what is important in one’s life. Values give a person their drive and influence his or her actions and reactions. Values are different from person to person. What the student values most in her life are truth, simplicity, perfection, and completion.

Truth is defined differently to everyone. Truth to the student is something that gives the student ease. Truth allows from freedom beyond all lies and is something the student values an extraordinary amount no matter the consequences (Moral Values of the 21st Century).

Simplicity or as one may call it honesty, is an important value to the student. The student believes fairness and truthfulness in all aspects of life at home and at work are an important part of what makes her the person and professional she is today (Moral Values of the 21st Century).

Perfection, valued by the student and may be viewed to some as flawlessness, but in the student’s eye, she views perfection as a value that motivates and pushes her to drive and be the successful person she hopes to be one day in the near future (Moral Values of the 21st Century).

Completion is a value highly valued by the student because of her strong willingness and determination to see that things are completed. The student never leaves anything unfinished always giving her all, above, and beyond the call of duty (Moral Values of the 21st Century). Manager Role

As a manager, the student already demonstrates her reliability, responsibility, and dedication it takes to fill a manager role. The student views communication as a necessity for success in any organization. With communication being of very importance to the student, the student finds that communicating is her strength. When running an organization, communication must be effectively done so there are no misinterpretations taking place.

Another role of the manager the student finds that comes easily is setting goals for the company. The student finds this to be easy because of the closeness and teamwork she believes in and strives to have within a company. The student finds motivating, supporting, and...

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