Health Care and Nursing Home

Topics: Health care, Stroke, Health care provider Pages: 12 (3769 words) Published: May 19, 2013
Title: -‘A Report Submitted to the Continuing Care Committee within NHS Blackburn with Darwen Teaching Care Trust Plus’.

A Report Submitted to

The Open University


1. Introduction 2

2. Perspective on chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

and Stroke 3

2.1 Professional perspective 4

2.2 Service users perspective 4

3. Discussion 4

3.1The contribution of theory 5

3.2What can be learnt from research and practice guidelines? 6

3.3Advantages and disagvantages 7

4. Conclusion and recommendation 8

4.1 Conclusion 9

4.2 Recommendation 10

5. Refrences 11

1. Introduction
1. Summary of main points from the case study:

This report will discuss the circumstances of Earl and will explore theories and perspectives located within K217 module materials and other sources in order to offer some recommendations about Earl.

illustrate the traumas which where faced by Earl.
By studying Earl’s case study who 63 year, is currently a patient of a nursing home, who has been diagnosed with two major illnesses: chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and stroke. Due to these illnesses he had to take an early retirement from the security guard job. He lived with his wife at home until he was admitted in hospital for a long period of time. Due to Earl’s condition he has lost the mobility on the right side of his body, he has gained a lot of weight, also suffer from breathing problem and different mood swings because he not being able to go home. On this ground it made him frustrated isolated and upset.

2. Purpose of the report:

The two main concern which have been occurred and is pointed out from Earl’s case study for the professionals within the health and social care providers of Blackburn: Royal Blackburn hospital, General Practitioner, Nursing home. • Why is earl not being able to progress while he has been living in a nursing home? • How can you put a service user with a choric disease in a good comfortable relaxed atmosphere? This report will explain the various perspectives on chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and stroke. In order to make recommendation the report will identify some key theories, research and practice guidelines.

2. Perspectives on the case of Earl COPD and stroke
Two important perspectives will be examined here, and these are.......... People had been influenced by the support of British Lung Foundation and NSH’s professional member and helped with the test, the cause and the treatment. Health and social care professionals are being educated about presentation on assessment of the stroke, the stroke treatment and its management by the Internet Stroke Centre.

1. Professional perspective
A number of professionals are...
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