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Health Care Access Options
HCS/490 University of Phoenix
Dr. Eboni Green
December 15, 2014

Enduring with life’s constant illness can be difficult for all Americans. Healthcare facilities seek to provide that care by reaching out to patients through marketing and advertising. If undergoing or seeking care making the choice on the preferred facility can make a lasting difference in your health. In the Las Vegas, Nevada community, three healthcare facilities take different approaches in targeting their audience. The Department of Health and Human Services, Las Vegas Urgent Care and Walgreens, serve the Las Vegas community targeting an audience through a marketing plan. Department of Health and Human Services

The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) is dedicated to the protection, promotion and improvement of the physical and behavioral health of the people of Las Vegas. The DHHS foundation for improving the health of Las Vegas residents is through their web-based located at Its home page is a resource, with multitudes of essential services aimed at residents achieving knowledge about their health at the highest level of self-sufficiency. The web-sites five essential services include child wellness, early intervention, health compliance, preparedness and clinical services. Each link directs you to the service of choice, providing information for the target audience. Along with the services it provides, the home page contains facts about the latest Ebola scare, parent guidelines for children crisis and other health and wellness programs. The DHHS targets all Las Vegas residents but stresses care more for children, Medicaid recipients, seniors, disabled and the uninsured. Their marketing approach is through proactive leadership in public health initiatives, along with enforcement of the public laws and regulations. How effective is their marketing plan could be indicated by statistics from the State of Nevada and how it compares to the Nation. Currently 22.4 percent (605,000) of Nevada residents are uninsured. This is an enormous disparity in the National average at 16 percent. Nevada’s children rank worst in the nation with 19.3 percent uninsured in comparison to the National average of 9.7 percent. Medicaid coverage in Nevada is at 11 percent while the National average is 20 percent. The reason for such poor health number may not be from the site. Their web page provides more than enough information to point patients in the right direction. The issue may be due to the city of Las Vegas being a transient city. Las Vegas continues to grow, bringing people from across America. The issue may not be that advertising is not getting across the residents of Las Vegas; it may be that it constantly has to reach a newer set of arrivals to the city unaware of what’s available to them. UMC Quick Care

University Medical Center Quick Care is a walk-in clinic that provides treatment for health related problems without requiring an appointment. UMC Quick Care provides treatment for acute and non-urgent problems such as screenings, immunizations, cuts, fractures and illnesses. UMC Quick Care targets an audience that is seeking care quickly when your health concern can’t wait to see a doctor. Their marketing plan is simple; they market to an audience that is frustrated by sitting in emergency waiting rooms for hours waiting to be seen. Their advertisement is often heard on radio stations and commercials. Their advertisements can be seen on billboards and bus stops. UMC Quick Care has a number of facilities around Las Vegas with extended hours and opens on weekends. They market to the Hispanic community regardless of legal status, the poor or an audience without medical coverage. UMC Quick Care takes a practical approach to marketing. Most Quick Care locations are located in low-income neighborhoods and near colleges. Their web page located...

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