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Healthcare Law, Policy, and Advocacy,
LaToya C. Hicks
Module 1
Health Policymaking in the U.S. by Longest
Chapter 1
Discussion Questions

1.Define health. What are the determinants of health in humans? Health is defined as the “state of complete mental, physical, and social well-being that is necessary to live a meaniful and productive life. Health determinants are the physical, behavior along with biological, social factors that affects a person’s health.

2.Define public policies and health policies.
Public policies is defined as the “authoritative decisions made in the legislative, executive, or judicial branches of government that are intended to direct or influence the actions, behaviors or decisions of others. Health policies are when public policies pertain to health and or influence the pursuit of health.

3.What forms do health policies take? Give an example of each.
Health policies take the form of laws, rules and operational decisions. * Law would be the 1965 federal public law that established the Medicare and Medicaid programs. * Rules would be a federal courts ruling, that an integrated delivery systems acquisition of yet another hospital violates federal antitrust laws. * Operational would be state governments’ procedures for licensing physicians and medical personnel. 4.Compare and Contrast the two basic categories of health policies. The two basic categories of health policies are allocative and regulatory. Allocative policies are designed to provide net benefits to some distinct group or class of individuals or organization at the expense of others to ensure that public objectives are met. Regulatory policies are policies that are designed to influence the actions, behaviors, and decisions of others by directive. In comparison, both regulatory as well as allocative policies the government establish some type of policy to appeal ad meet the public goals. Both policies are always established within the context of a complex public policy making process.

5.Discuss the connection between health policies, health determinants and health. The connection between health policies, health determinants and health is first understanding what each role is. Health determinants are elements of the physical environment, behavior, biology, social factors, and health services that affects an individual’s health. Health policies are placed and implemented to ensure that the public is “healthy”. In order for a state to determine such policies the overall health determinants will be taken into account. For example, for a smoker a smoking cessation program would be beneficial. All of the above equals a healthy individual. 6.Discuss the role of states in health policy.

States in health policy are responsible for financing or paying for health services, ensuring the publics overall health and regulating health related professionals and organizations. Currently the states also must experiment with comprehensive health reform strategies. States are responsible for the health insurance and how it operates within that state. Ensuring that nurses, doctors, techs etc. are licensed and board certified to provide specific care to individuals. 7.What is policy competency? Why is it important to anyone who is interested in being involved in the pursuit of health?

The policy competency is defined as the dual abilities to analyze the impact if public policies on one’s domain of interest or responsibility and to exert influence in the public policymaking process. Being involved in the pursuit of health such as managers and health care professionals’ policy competency will allow them the opportunity to understand the affects of the determinant of health.

Chapter 2: Health Policymaking in the United States

1.Discuss the impact of health policies on the physical environment.
The impact of health policies on the physical environment is directly affected. The environment that an...
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