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Task 1 - historical and contemporary landmarks in social welfare provision04 1.1 historical and contemporary landmarks in social policy04 1.2 factors influencing the development of policy & legislations07

Task 2 - origins of social policies08
2.1 Process in key Health and Social Policy legalization08 2.4 Political leaders’ contribution on policies09
2.2 Influential factors behind a parliamentary act09
2.3 The impact of the Act on service users10
2.5 improving the care with on-going policy changes10

Task 3 - impact of social policies on users of health and social care services11 3.1: contemporary policy developments and implementation 11 3.2 Measuring the impact of policy initiatives on service users11 3.3 The impact of a specific policy 12

3.4 Policies in improving the quality of life12

Task 4 - Recent developments in health and social care policy13 4.1 Recent developments in health and social care policy13 4.2 The differences in formation and adaption 14

Social policy refers to the issue of addressing the needs of the society by the state. It takes care of the welfare aspects of the people that are based on some strategies, ideologies, regulation and undertakings. This phenomenon has reached a global scale nowadays. Social policy has now a wider span and has expanded its horizon to enhance the welfare of the general people. Marshall (1950) devised the idea of social citizenship that paved the way to the welfare provisions. These rights were focused on the economic independence and a minimum standard of life for the citizen.

Health is now considered something beyond the physical aspect. It has mental, psychological, social implications. Health and welfare are the result of some sophisticated relations of socio-economic issues and the sufficiency of amenities provided (Atkinson et al., 2001). The existing social and health care system was actually established in 1948 the formation of which started before the Second World War. It got a new dimension in the later part of the century where the community took the roles of the institutes and the control shifted to the private sectors. Though it has some loopholes during the course, it has gone through several significant changes.

This study will discuss the important landmarks in the history of UK social policy and provisions along with a critical evaluation and the recent achievements in this regard. It will also focus on the factors behind the formation of the policies and their impact on the service users.

Task 1 - historical and CONTEMPORARY LANDMARKS in social welfare provision

1.1 historical and CONTEMPORARY LANDMARKS in social policy

Prior to and during the Second World War
The Poor law was the sole social care facility that was provided prior to the Second World War which basically focused on the senior citizen and the incapacitated. It made it mandatory for each community to give benefit in the form of less charge for the deprived class. This law was later renamed into Public Assistance which was the result of Local Government Act, 1929. Subsequently, the facilities were open for everyone irrespective of disability and were applicable for people who did not have the money to pay for health care. (Pat Thane, 2009) The Disabled Person’s Employment Act, 1944 made it mandatory for the companies to give jobs to people included in Disabled Persons Register which should be minimum three percent of their employment. (Barnes, 1991) The National Association for Mental Health was later established in 1946 which had a movement for improved facility for the mentally disabled patients....
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