Health 5040 Assignment 1

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Health 5040
Assignment 1

1. In what sense are all healthcare executives’ human resources managers? How can executives best prepare to perform well in this HR Function?

I agree that Healthcare executives are HR Managers. Healthcare executives are managers because they manage business operations. Health care facilities can be small, medium or big enterprises that involve classic business procedures and practices (eHow). Healthcare executives are responsible for engaging with medical staff, making sure they do their job. Other task include scheduling, making sure requirements are met, addressing needs of staff, administrative duties and managing budgets. Well experienced Healthcare administrators may train and mentor new staff (eHow). All of these are functions of Human Resource Managers. The best way to prepare for these duties are to study and enroll in a human resource course and have a general manager position prior to having a healthcare manager position.

2. Fortune Magazine Top 100 Companies
The three Healthcare organizations I choose were Baptist Health South Florida, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and Scripps Health. After reviewing their websites I choose them out of the Health based organizations of the Fortune Magazine companies.

Baptist Health South Florida was ranked 42 on the list. The website I visited was The increasing employee population interested me the most. On their website they have a comparison to other hospitals acknowledging their great performance. The HR website also list many reasons why one should join their hospital instead of competitors.

Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta ranked 49 on the list. This organization’s website was This website shows that hospital leaders are really engaged in keeping their staff in a happy mood. They often have staff parties and dedicated to wellness and safety of their staff. The website has a break down and videos of each...

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