HCS 212 Week 3 Health Services and Systems Matrix Worksheet

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Health Services and Systems Matrix

In the following table, describe each of your choices and explain their functions and roles within the health care field. Your responses should total at least 50–75 words for each choice.

Service or System
Hospice care
A health care program designed to give accommodating care for individuals in the last stage of an incurable sickness. The primary objective of hospice is the ease and condition of living, not the treatment. The goal is to enable patients to be comfortable and free of pain so that they live each day as fully as possible.

The function of hospice care consists of certain methods of pain control. This method of pain control is monitored carefully by a healthcare team and selected by the patient or the family of the patient. Allow the patient to remain in a peaceful setting until their time of demise.

The role of hospice care is to relieve pain and control symptoms of advanced disease. Also, giving the patient emotional support, social support, and mostly spiritual support. Allow the patient to have the uppermost value of life. Hospice care offers a peaceful setting for the patient, assistance in care before and after death.

Public health
Public health focus on the well – being of an entire community health, rather than one individual. The approach to medicine that concerned with the health of the commonwealth as a whole. In other words, public health is community health. Public health is also the science of defending the health of families and communities promoting healthy lifestyles.

Monitoring, evaluation, and analysis of health status are just some of the functions of public health. The purpose is to focus on health promotion and social participation in health. Public health focuses on the assurance in personal health services, population-based health services, and reducing the impact of all emergencies or disasters on health....
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