Hca/210 Final Project Wk 9

Topics: Health care, Health economics, Medicine Pages: 3 (794 words) Published: April 4, 2010
My Proposal for a New Health Care System
Alyssa Zacharias
March 28, 2010
Joan Lewis
A vision for a new health care system would be guaranteed affordable health care to all Americans. Our medical care is good, but the system which the care is financed is extremely inefficient, unfair, and extremely bad. Americans remain uninsured, due to the high cost of health care coverage, not just to the family finances, but to corporate American’s bottom line as well. The United States spends much more share of its economy on health care than any other nation, and yet has failed Americans with the one thing that health insurance is suppose to provide: health security. To avoid recurring dismissal of previous campaigns, this new health care system will provide a successful agenda taken seriously the political constraints, and organizational realities that have hamstrung reform efforts in the past. This system will build on the most popular elements of the present structure; (Medicare and employment-based health insurance) making changes that are self-reinforced, straightforward, and guaranteed health security. ( Hacker, S. Jacob, January 11, 2007) My new health care system will expand coverage, create better incentives for quality and efficiency, and link health insurance to individuals, rather than to their place of employment. It will be guided with personal responsibility for one’s own health as well as being ensured the health and welfare of all our citizens. It would make health insurance mandatory for all U.S. citizens, offering subsidies to help defray the cost of premiums. Our American citizens would benefit the most from this new health care system. A failure to act rising health care costs will jeopardize our public’s health and undercut out international competitiveness. A failure to make affordable health changes available to our Americans who are currently uninsured is morally indefensible. If we use this new...
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