Harry Styles

Topics: Press, Homelessness, Hero Pages: 2 (502 words) Published: January 24, 2014

It was an ordinary day at Holmes Chapel Hospital, up until 3:19 am. On February 1st 1994, a hero was born. Though to some he is no hero, if you look past his music and into his heart, I believe you will be proven wrong. This young man has saved, inspired, and enriched millions of lives. This man’s name is Harry Styles.

I believe Harry is a hero for various reasons. Firstly, he is very generous. During his trip to L.A. in 2012, he bought 2-3 thousand dollars worth of pizza and handed it out to the homeless. Also, during his trip to Ghana early 2013, he bought vaccines for sick and dying babies less than a year old. He gave away his beanie to a child in Ghana after he said he liked it. But that’s not the only thing he gave away! [A 7 year old in Ghana] “I gave her my St Christopher's necklace to keep her safe” says styles after returning from Ghana. He has also donated over 50,000 dollars to charities, such as: Comic relief, Greenpeace, and sport relief to list a few. As you can see, even these simple gestures have enriched and saved lives.

Harry also cares very much about people. He has talked desperate teens out of suicide, self harm, and drugs. Fans have told him their suicide story or their scars, and he has helped them reach out and get help. “His band’s music has made me feel loved and accepted” says an anonymous friend of mine. Even though many have not met Styles, his actions have inspired worldwide. Those who have met this wonderful 19 year old have had their lives been touched. An example is when Harry went to Ghana. He met a little girl who clung to him the moment she saw him-literally! They stuck together like peanut butter sticks to jelly. He helped her, played with her, and generally made her life better. During his trip, he tweeted: “Today was the most amazing day I've had so far.. In my life ever.” The last reason I dub Harry heroic is the press. He used to care and be really hurt about his public image. The press puts him in a bad...
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