Gwadar Port

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Gwadar Port is the third port of Pakistan - Karachi and Port Qasim being the other two. Gwadar borders on Arabian Sea and lies in the Balochistan Province. It is about 533 km from Karachi and 120 km from the Iranian border. Gwadar Port is located at the mouth of the Persian Gulf and outside the Straits of Hormuz. It is near the key shipping routes used by the mainline vessels in the region with connections to Africa, Asia and Europe and enjoys high commercial and strategic significance. Various professional studies manifest that Gwadar Port location is the most advantageous one as an alternative port, which could handle mother ships and large oil tankers in due course. It will act as catalyst for large number of related projects like:- * Trans-shipment of bulk cargo

* Oil storage, refinery and petrochemicals
* Export processing and industrial zones
* Export of minerals/livestock
* Services (hotels, accommodation, tourism)
The purpose of developing this port is to stimulate economic growth in the western and northern parts of Pakistan, utilizing the available coastline resources of the country and also providing an outlet for the land locked Central Asian Countries and Afghanistan through transit trade and offering transshipment facilities. GWADAR DISTRICT DEMOGRAPHY

Geographic Area – 12.637 sq. Coast Line – 600 km District Estimated Population 2004 – 215,000 Male / Female Ratio – 53.6 : 46.4 km. Population Density – 14.7 person per Population of Gwadar – estimated 72,000 Literacy Ratio – around 29% Land Distances From Gwadar * Quetta 970 Km

* Turbat 164 Km
* Gabd 120 Km
* Karachi 533 Km
* Ratodero 892 Km

MASTER PLANTo ensure future developments are carried out in an orderly, coordinated and planned manner, the Authority has appointed Artur D. Little (ADL), Malaysia, Lyon Associates, USA and Indus Associated Pakistan to prepare a Master Plan for the Port, the related infrastructure and the business plan for the port. The consultants assignment is to cover: * Land use/allocations Infrastructure Development * Transport and communication * Local economy * Social activities/services * Tourism and hotels * Environmental concerns * Institutional and organizational setup * Marketing of Gwadar PortBased on a thorough economic and industrial analysis, shipping trends analysis and long term forecasting study (undertaken by Arthur D. Little), a master plan for the development of Gwadar Port was developed and adopted in 2006. The plan uses a planning horizon of fifty years. The outlook plan for 2055 envisions a total quay-length of 50 km, a total throughput volume of 300-400 million tons of cargo and a port land area of about 10,000 hectares.The master plan also contains a physical development program for the first 15 years, covering the period 2006-2021. The traffic forecasts developed for the next 15-20 years indicate cargo volumes in the range of 50-60 million tons per year.More details on the different cargo terminals planned under the 15-year & 50 year physical development program are provided below.15 Year Develpment Plan50 Year Develpment Plan|  Gwadar Port Authority (GPA) as landlordThe Government of Pakistan has adopted the landlord concept for new port development. In practice, this means that GPA will drive the overall development of the port and will raise the funds for development of general port infrastructure (primarily dredging of access channels and construction of breakwaters), while private sector investors will be the primary source for the development of terminals and cargo handling capacity. Reputable private investor-operators will be sought on a BOT (Build-Own-Transfer) basis for the design, construction and operations of the various terminals that are foreseen. BOT-agreements will be strictly on a concession-basis only, with no allowance for cross-share-holdings between the landlord-regulator and...
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