Guatemala And The U

Topics: United Nations, United Nations Security Council, United Kingdom Pages: 2 (688 words) Published: March 18, 2016

Guatemala and the U.N. Security Council
The history of Guatemala in the United Nations began on November 21, 1945 (UN). There is not much history written about Guatemala in the United Nations, but it entered the U.N. shortly after its formation. The issue of Guatemala’s policy towards other nations is also pertinent to its role as a member of the United Nations. One of Guatemala’s key points when it comes to their foreign policy, is its insistence that it “maintain and foster links of cooperation and solidarity with the other states that formed the Central American Federation” (Melgar 5). Given that Guatemala has historical and geographic connections with these countries, it would make sense for Guatemala to foster good relations with these neighboring countries. Thus, countries in Central America can be considered as allies. Also, it seems that the United Kingdom has also been a supporter of Guatemala’s policies in the United Nations, as some recent foreign policy objectives show the “UK and Guatemala working together on foreign policy” (Dickson). Guatemala has also been able to channel its history into its advocacy of justice, peacekeeping and human rights within foreign policy at the UN (Peralta 1). This is attributed to Guatemala’s own struggle with human rights throughout some aspects of its history; thus, providing for a catalyst to promote human rights. When it comes to the issue of which countries can be considered to be in opposition to Guatemala’s policies, there is not a consensus as to which countries oppose Guatemala. Given that one of Guatemala’s main policy concerns is to “reach an agreement with Belize to resolve the territorial differendum”, it is plausible that Guatemala and Belize may not be in agreement over this issue (Melgar 18). Thus, Belize may be seen as being in opposition to Guatemala’s foreign policy objections. In addition, Guatemala would also like to focus on its “support for Guatemalan immigrants”, who may face obstacles in...
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