Topics: First Amendment to the United States Constitution, Poverty, Freedom of association Pages: 2 (628 words) Published: October 20, 2013

Poverty in the Community
Poverty has always been a major problem in Florida, and feeding the homeless have been a common solution that churches and organizations use to make sure that every mouth is fed. In 2006, the City of Orlando passed a law banning public feeding in public parks. Protesters see it as an act of kindness and compassion while residents and business owners see it as an act of disruption. Each individual have a different outlook on the situation from the city clerks to the business community and charity/organizations that provides the food the homeless. Everyone insist on practicing their constitutional rights, but City of Orlando Ordinance has really emplaced a restriction on the act of humanity and kindheartedness.

The cities government has based their decision on the complaint of the community of Lake Eola Park. The intentions of the law was to prevent abusive use or overly excessive use by anyone in the community, being that an organization called “Food Not Bombs” gather at the park and feed homeless people, has caused an issue with the parks area and maintenance. So, the law enforces charities and organizations to have a permit two per user per park in a 12 months period (The Daily). Business owners and citizens feared for their safety of being robbed or harassed for money and crime rates rising in the area. They demand a safe place for them to run their businesses and to bring their families. Mr. Stotter adds on to say "It's a safety issue, and the public deserves a safe place to be” (McKay).

In addition, Orlando city government based their decision on the people’s complaints, the law is being perceived as anti-homeless when majority of the Commissioners are advocates for the poor. Some believe that the ordinance is nothing more than a cover up for a critical problem in the city, while other commissioners, support both parties and what them to come to an agreement to solve the situation. The Organization who provides the food for...
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