Globalization and Oreal

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Executive Summary

2.0The Internal Influences on L’Oreal
2.1Internal Factors Influencing L’Oreal
3.0External Factors Influencing L’Oreal
4.0The Globalisation Influence Policies and Decision Making of L’Oreal 4.1International relations and Political environment
4.2 Globalization of Economic Environment
4.3Globalization of Socio Cultural Environment
4.4Globalization of Technological Environment
5.0L’Oreal in the Global Environment
4.1 Monitoring the Financial Performance of L’Oreal 6.0The Improvements of L’Oreal

Executive Summary
The following report is based on the analysis of the provided case study of L’Oreal Company. Thus, the report studies the importance of the internal factors and the external factors that influences L’Oreal Company. Secondly the report examines the globalised influence of the economic environment of L’Oreal. For the purpose of effective analysis of L’Oreal external dynamic environment the report has used the relevant theories in order to create the relationship to the organisations environment. Further, the organisation achievement of successful global strategy is closely analysed and measured through the company external performance, the strategies implemented and through the financial performance. The improvements that need to be considered of L’Oreal are discussed in the latter part of the report. More colour is been added to the report through an effective conclusion.

L’Oreal concentrates on producing cosmetic products around the world and is one of the famous and top branded among consumers around the globe. The organisation was founded in 1909 by a French chemist named as Eugene Schueller. By then the organisation was well known for hair formula. Today L’Oreal had achieved 23 global brands operating 130 countries worldwide. The company mission ‘Our mission is to help men and women around the world realise that aspiration, and express their individual personalities to the full.’ The mission of L’Oreal adds value to its business and strengthens the employees around the world in achieving the strategies, goals and objectives of the organisation. (L’Oreal, Company overview, 2010) L’Oreal is century of expertise in the cosmetic market as they have an interesting history behind as explained in the case study. The company generates a workforce of 64,600 employees around the world. The organisation focuses on five key expertise such as hair care, hair colour, skincare, make up and fragrance. (L’Oreal, Facts and Figures, 2010) L’Oreal has become one of the leading companies in the volatile Cosmetic industry making its brand one of the high quality products for the consumers. Having said that, the report shall examine the successfulness of the organisation by broadly arguing the theory against the practical performance of the organisation throughout the report.

2.0The Internal Influences on L’Oreal
L’Oreal performs its activities in a highly volatile industry. Thus it is significant for the organisation to consider the internal factors and external factors when taking the appropriate decision in the long run and in the short run as these factors influences the decision of the organisation. Firstly, the internal factors that influence L’Oreal shall be discussed. 2.1 Internal Factors Influencing L’Oreal

The internal factors are defined as the factors that take place within the organisation. Consequently, these internal factors influence the decisions taken by the organisation. The internal environment is the environment that has a direct impact on the business activities. The internal factors of the organisation can always be amended or modified these factors are such as physical facilities, personnel, the functional activities such as marketing to be updated according to the external environment changes. It is necessary to look in to the important factors of internal influences which are...

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