Global Water Crisis

Topics: Ban Ki-moon, Water crisis, Water supply Pages: 2 (391 words) Published: September 4, 2013

Anna Perez

ENC 1101
12 December 2012
Global Water Crisis

The article “Climate Change Compounds Global Water Crisis” By Thalif Deen is to inform us about the lack of safe drinking water that threatens millions of people in Europe, Asia and Africa. According to a new United Nations study, every day nearly 40 children in Europe die due to water-related disease: diarrhea. 16 percent of the population’s children in Eastern Europe do not have access to drinking water in their own homes. In addition people are also suffering from adequate sanitation. "A shortage of water resources could spell increased conflicts in the future," says U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. He is more concern about how climate change, and growth in the population will make the problem worsen the world's growing water crisis. The executive director of the Stockholm International Water Institute, Anders Berntell, ensures access to adequate water and sanitation, only if the main problem is fixed; management. The lack of safe drinking water affects more than 1.0 billion people worldwide and the lack of safe sanitation affects for more than 2.5 billion. He stresses it has a lot to do with the lack of funding, awareness, and besides the fact that the government needs a big improvement. "The world water crisis is definitely very bad, particularly because it deals with mismanagement of water and how governments have failed to secure the involvement of local communities in the management of water," says Sunita Narain, the director of the New Delhi-based Center for Science and Environment. The biggest issue in the world is people failing to do anything about. If changes are not made it can danger the water security of millions of people, some who even live on the margins of survival. Many rivers in different countries are now polluted to the point of collapse. It’s primarily caused by agricultural overexploitation of water resources and industrial use. For...
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