Games at Twilight

Topics: Feeling, English-language films, Mother Pages: 3 (910 words) Published: March 4, 2013
After reading and analyzing this story, I discovered two major criticisms that are presented in this short story. First is the social theory from the interaction among the children. The story begins when their mother open the door and allow them to play outside. Here, it shows their wild energies as they burst out violently as in the sentence, “They burst out like crackling seeds from a crackling overripe pod on to the verandah, with such loud maniacal yells”. All of them didn’t want to wait any longer to play outside, as they ran out, they quickly start their business, which is play. The elder girl in the story shows a motherly character, Mira, who is known to as the motherly type, conducted the game and the rest didn’t hesitate. At this point, it shows that, all of them respect her and Mira, who had to be in control for the game to start. It also shows that, they are closed in relationship as they played together without leaving anyone out. From the social view, the elder is always picking onto the younger ones. Like Raghu, who is quick to fight and show his physical dominance over Ravi at the beginning as they argue about who is to be the seeker in their game. He likewise protests when he is selected to be the seeker by fair means. He clearly thinks a lot of himself and regards himself as being superior to others. Even when Raghu has captured his first victim, Manu, it shows in the sentence, "I know I have to, idiot," Raghu said, superciliously kicking him with his toe. "You're dead," he said with satisfaction, licking the beads of perspiration off his upper lip, and then stalked off in search of worthier prey, whistling spiritedly so that the hiders should hear and tremble”. It also shows that he is proud of the power that he has because he was in control of the game. From the psychological theory, Ravi is shows lack of confidence as in the sentence,”but he hadn’t much faith in his short legs when...
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