Foreign Intervention

Topics: United Nations, Human rights, Universal Declaration of Human Rights Pages: 2 (709 words) Published: October 21, 2013
Developing nations are usually countries that lack stability, whether politically or financially. Intervention in such nations may prove to be helpful in such cases, as it may ensure an increased stability within the country. This is much needed in developing nations, as stability is key to economic prosperity. However, intervention in the internal affairs of another nation may undermine the country’s sovereignty, rendering foreign intervention undesirable, as it does more harm than good from the standpoint of the developing nation.

Foreign intervention in the form of humanitarian aid does more good than harm, as it hastens the restoration of infrastructure and provides the citizens with the necessities to tide over difficult times. Natural disasters cause substantial damage to a country, with homes destroyed and lives lost. The people involved are often rendered helpless. Developing nations in particular, may not be able to help much due to the lack of financial reserves. Humanitarian aid given in such times is desired and will be of great help to the people, due to the relief provided in times of distress. An example would be Haiti, which was badly hit by an earthquake. International organizations such as the United Nations and Red Cross Foundation provided food and medical care, alleviating the situation in Haiti. Hence, humanitarian aid brings about many benefits, doing more good than harm.

Developing nations embattled in internal turmoil may require foreign intervention to restore political stability in the nation. Repressive regimes such as that in Libya have resulted in brutality and oppression. The people are unable to stand up for themselves to lead a change. The people desire intervention, as they wish to be freed from tyrant rulers. Foreign intervention will aid the citizens in effecting a change that will improve their lives drastically. Furthermore, the political stability that results may restore economic prosperity in the nation, which was...
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