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Topics: Human rights, Abuse, Homelessness Pages: 5 (1437 words) Published: February 5, 2015

Kai Chu
English 1301 – S85
18 November 2014
Protect Human rights in North Korea
People would often say things like: “Let them solve their own problems” or “we need to mind our own business first before anything…” But what they don’t understand is that that North Korea has camps that are consist of human abuse. These people are tortured and treated at a level of hell. When I first heard about the place people are living in camp 14, it gives me passion to become a fighter, who stands up against anything that violates human rights. It shouldn’t matter if those people live across the globe. As long as they are human, they should be treated with respect because everyone is created with equal amount of rights and no one can take them away. If we don’t made any decision to end this type of camp in North Korea, there will be more people that will be torture and slaughter. Conservatives said that we should stay away from foreign affair due to the fact that we have our own problems. So we need to mind our own business before sticking our nose into other country. They want to let foreign country to solve their own problems. For example, we have our own people that are struggling financially like people living on the street and people that are jobless. They argues that these funds that goes into helping other country comes from American citizens, so logically it should be used for American citizens and not other country. It’s like if Andy gives Jon a piece of candy, shouldn’t Jon gives Andy something back in the future? They also suggest that since we are already in a huge debt, so why bother to increase it even more? Also what if all other countries are getting tired of waiting for their money and on top of that they see us giving money away. Of course they will get even more mad thinking that we are pushing their limits.

While it’s needlessly to say that all of those arguments aren’t true, I want to point out a couple of things. First, even though we have our own problems we needs to solve, the fact remains that nothing can be ever done in a day. What I mean by that is that America already is trying to help the homeless people. There are churches and charity organizations that help homeless people. The government also has programs that help out poor people. For example, food drives, food stamp, and homeless assistance program. Plus some of these people are just lazy; Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration estimates that 25 % of homeless people are drug abuser, they need to realize they have choice in American, they can choose to get a job(SAMHS Survey). Also, this issue can be compared to bullying. Bullying is currently a major issue. We have campaigns around the nation that are trying to stop bullying with the reason being that the victims can’t solve it by themselves. These campaign aims for everyone to participate to stopping bullying. And if anyone knows what somebody is getting bully then we needs to step in and help the victim. With that being said, if we stay with the thinking of “mind out own business” or “let them solve it on their self”, we are being a huge hypocrite because even though we are not related to those foreign country, we still share one similarity. That similarity is that there is human living inside of all those country and we are all created equal. So it’s very self-explanatory if we see one of us struggling then we should help out one another. And it’s not like country like North Korea can solve it them self either, the whole country is brainwashed into thinking that Kim Jong Un is the greatest. So why would anyone dare to stand up against their own role model. Second is that the opposite view also argue that the funding that goes into aiding another country comes from American citizens, so therefore it needs to be use on American citizens. While that seems very logical, they didn’t use our constitution to the fullest. If that’s is the case then why don’t we let...

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