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The Perceived Need for & Practical Implication of Managerial Accounting at “Beximco Pharmaceuticals”

Course work on
The Perceived Need for & Practical Implication of Managerial Accounting at Local Manufacturing Company ( Beximco Pharmaceuticals)

Prepared for:
Mr. Mohammad Sawkat Hossain
Course Instructor
FNB 204

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Group members:

BBA Program (3rd Batch)

Department of Finance & Banking
Jahangirnagar University
Savar, Dhaka-1342

March 31, 2012

Executive Summary

The origin of report is based on managerial accounting concept. The main focus of this report is Managerial Accounting, practical implementation on Managerial Accounting and so on. It is about clearing or developing idea and perception on this particular area of accounting. This study of Implementation of managerial accounting includes theoretical explanation of managerial accounting regarding the place of collecting data and practice of managerial accounting in various institutions. It includes elements pertaining to the definition of core values, mission and objectives cost-volume-profit analysis, global trade and transfer, branding, pricing, sensitivity and competition. Budgets outline the financial plans which include operating budgets, capital budgets and financial budgets. Managerial accounting as part management stuff it includes the planning, directing and motivating and controlling. So, an important part here is the strategies, monitoring, balancing, positioning, costing, production, analysis and budgets used by the company. these situations a manager can adjust the model as we have done in this chapter to take into account anticipated changes in selling price, fixed costs, and the sales mix that would otherwise violate the cost volume profit assumptions To get through all the mathematical implications of managerial accounting some basic idea and knowledge have been developed like costing systems and steps in managerial accounting. Activity Based Costing is a two-stage costing method in which overhead costs are assigned to overhead cost pools and the costs in each pool are applied to products based on the amount of activities they require. Other important issues are job-order costing system, process costing, cost-volume-profit relationship, Management Accounting and Decision-Making etc. The present study of cost management practices in the industry is unique in terms of its scope and methodology. It not only deals with traditional cost management techniques but also with contemporary management tools such as activity-based costing. The hypotheses in general deal with the difference in the practices across sectors, stages, and level of adoption of contemporary techniques.

31 March 2013

Mr. Md. Sawkat Hossain
Dept. of Finance & Banking
Jahangirnagar University
Savar, Dhaka-1342

Submission of Course Work on “Perceived need & implication of Managerial Accounting in local manufacturing company”

Dear Sir,
It has been our pleasure to complete and submit this report on “Perceived need & implication of Managerial Accounting in local manufacturing company”. We have done our level best to complete the course work in time and with the quality of your expectation. The whole experience of this report enables us to get an insight in to the real life situation. We have gathered practical knowledge about managerial accounting and its implications over a local manufacturing company. We have really enjoyed working on this issue. Hope we followed your standards and expectations during this course work. We would like to thank you for all your supports and helps to complete the task. Sincerely yours,

Group Members:

Course Code: FNB 204
Batch: 3rd Dept. of Finance and Banking
Jahangirnagar University

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Executive summery

1.0 Introduction
1.1 Background of the Course work
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