Financial Characteristics of Health Care

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Financial Characteristics of Health Care
Pamela S Hill
HCA 340
Wanda Carter
October, 16, 2011

"Quality healthcare management includes the financial growth and viability of the healthcare organization. A healthcare organization can realize quality healthcare management only when it is fully staffed with medical and managerial professionals and is able to invest in the most advanced equipment". ( In 2009 it was reported that 46 million Americans were uninsured. In 2011 the uninsured has risen to 50.7 million people. This was due to people losing their jobs, the recession, companies downsizing, and some companies dropping employee health insurance. What can this really mean? With just one person being uninsured in the United States that is still too many. Did you know that Health care is not the same as health insurance? “Everyone in the U.S. - including those illegally in the U.S. -- is guaranteed access to basic health care. Under a 1968 federal law, all patients seeking care in hospital emergency rooms must be given a minimum level of treatment, regardless of their ability to pay or health insurance status. The law applies to all hospitals that participate in Medicare -- which most do - and requires the hospitals to provide initial patient screening, life-saving and "stabilizing" emergency care and transfers to advanced trauma centers, if needed. Those services must be provided without asking about the patient's ability to pay. Of course, the growing demand on hospitals to Provide this minimum level of free care contributes to rising health care costs”. ( In today’s economy the financing of health care is very important because where does all The revenue comes from for this healthcare delivery system? There are too many people out there that are not able to afford the health care that is needed. We depend largely on the Government to help with this problem. Some suggest we do not want the government to be involved. But without the help and support of the government where is this going to lead? The delivery system has to be able to manage cost, and the delivery of health care cost is on everyone's minds. There are people out there that think that those uninsured are taking advantage of those who have insurance. The reason for this is due to the hospitals charging the insured more for services then those without insurance. As the job market remains weak, Americans can no longer depend on their jobs for health insurance coverage. Some companies have just stopped offering health insurance while others have increased the cost to the employee. So they are not able to pay the premiums, they have to drop the coverage. There are a few things like the wellness program that went into effect that can be a cost to you. The reason for this is that when you go to the Dr. (say to get your cholesterol checked or yearly exam). The Dr. sees something like say a mole and he test this mole. Well that blows the free yearly exam. As this was not on the free yearly exam. So you must watch for this when you go for your checkup. Also if your health insurance has something grandfathered in then you may still have to pay. This should all be fixed by the year 2014. If these new health care law would fall. The economy will go down again. We will lose the money from the tax credits and the deficit will be on the rise again. We have got to go along with the new health care plan and do some tweaking along the way as President Obama says in his State of the Union Address he made. Health Care is important to me as what will happen in the future? I am sure we all have grandchildren or great grandchildren that we will worry about. We need to know that this problem can be fixed. It is vital to the United States to fix this problem in the near future. “Although the health care law signed by President Obama in March is designed to insure an additional 32...
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