Final Paper on Managerial Accounting

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Managerial Accounting
Ateneo-Regis MBA Program

Maria Victoria Sierra

TAMERA PLAZA INN, "Your Urban Bed and Breakfast”

On this small plot of land in the middle of a bustling city called Bacolod, in the Negros Occidental province of the Philippines, lies home to the family of Jose and Teodula Tamera. Located on 79 Lacson Street, this place was especially home to one of their sons, Robin Tamera.

After years of decadence in this little spot called home, Robin found himself working in Ontario, Canada. It was there that the inspiration to keep the property's memories alive was sparked. He had a desire to keep this lot not only as a memorial keepsake for himself, siblings, and relatives, but first and foremost as a reminder of his parents' love and care.

Robin Tamera's concept was to open a very humble place for all to stay in Bacolod City, whether they were local or foreign visitors. He wanted a hotel that incorporated and adapted all of the finest amenities that other places in the world could offer.

In 2006, after years of investment and construction, Robin's desire became a reality after converting their property to a bed and breakfast place. “The Tamera Plaza Inn” became not only a place to stay, but a memorial and tribute to the Tamera Family. The Inn offers overnight lodging and meals. It includes 1 Superior room, 8 De Luxe rooms , 6 standard double rooms, 5 standard single rooms, a function room, all air-conditioned with cable TV services. The Tamera Plaza Inn has 30 full time employees to date.

Meanwhile, the inn faces very serious seasonal customer fluctuations. The average number of tourists in Bacolod is 70,000 per year, majority of which are during Summer and in October during the MassKara festival. The inn has about 2 % of these tourist choose them for accomodations. Although the place has no rental costs and the expenses in the contsruction of the inn has already been acquired, the inn has an opportunity to increase its profitiability.

Below is the the cost allocation per year:

For the purpose of this paper, Activity-Based Costing will be used to analyze the inn's profitability and to present a recommendation. In Table 1, Activities Analysis and Assignment of Activities to Products (lodging and dining) by activity drivers. Labor, material and utility costs traced to activities are shown in columns (1)-(3) of table 2. Columns (4)-(11) present detail about how activities are allotted to each product by drivers. For example, the driver of the cleaning activity is the true cleaning time which is total 3061.6 hours. Using the driver to trace the cleaning activity to the two products separately, and assigning 2651.4 hours and 410.2 hours respectively, of cleaning time, the driver can allocate PHP 46,611 to lodging and PHP 7,212 to dining. Finally, adding all the allocation activities costs in each product we can get the total activity costs. The total product cost is the combination of the total activities costs, direct material costs, and outsource costs (laundry and transportation) in each product. Unit product cost is defined as the total product cost divided by the total number of customers. The unit product costs of lodging and dining are PHP 340.67 and 71.31 per customer respectively for a year. The lodging and dining products of The Tamera Plaza Inn represent two market segments. After applying ABC to the The Tamera Plaza Inn case, the unit costs of each of the Inn's products in two market segments are clear. The cost information acquired from ABC in this case will be useful to the owners for marketing strategy, decision making and cost-volume-profit analysis.

Table 1.

In the second stage, all activities costs in the five activities centers are assigned to the three country inn’s products. Table 2 shows activities analysis and the assignment of activities...
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