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Topics: Homelessness, Mother, Family Pages: 3 (1061 words) Published: November 17, 2013

Film review

“Nobody wants to be homeless, it doesn’t even come across their minds in five years from now I would like to be Homeless” (Inocente). Inocente is a short documentary film about a 15 year aspiring artist who is homeless. She resides with her Mother and three brothers in San Diego, California. Inocente attends school and her class mates are unaware that she is homeless. She will not tell classmates that she is homeless because the fear of mockery and shame. Inocente has been homeless most of her life and nothing ever feels stable enough to call home. Inocente’s mother had her at a very early age almost at the age Inocente’s is fifteen. Inocente’s mom never knew the United States existed but when she did come into the U.S she imagined it as being Clean and without dirt. The whole family is illegal and came to the United States to have a better opportunity but, Inocente and her mother never thought they would struggle. Inocente’s mother still, till this day wishes for a place to call home for her and her children. But, what she imagined is not so, the family has lived in multiple homes and has also lived in a park. A 2009 study from the National Center on Family Homelessness reported that “1.5 million children become homeless every year in the U.S.”(Gibson). Even though Inocente and her family are displaced she keep moving forward. Inocente has a love for painting, she paints on her face and does paintings to express her stories and feelings. Expressing herself through her painting, allows her to turn around the gloomy start in her mornings. She likes to paint her paintings in bright, abstract colors and shapes. Many of her pictures tell stories and are an outlet to put her struggles in paint. . For nine years Inocente and her family have not lived for more than three months at a time in one place. Inocente takes blame for her family being homeless as her fault. Before they were homeless they were in a home with an abusive father. The father...

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