Field Work Experience on the Homeless

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New Visions Homeless Day Shelter
New Visions is a day shelter that is geared towards helping the homeless. The center provides a number of services to help those who really need it. The hours are from 8:30am- 3:30pm Monday thru Friday. The center is open on Saturdays only when a church group wants to feed. There is a Hygiene department where the clients can sign up for showers and to wash clothes. Clothing is only washed three days a week for clients. They usually run showers from 9am- 11:30am, but will let clients take showers later in an emergency. There is a clothing room where clients can get clean clothes if needed, before and after they take a shower. The clothing room is also open to the community and those who have to sometimes choose between clothes and food. New Visions has one of many food pantries in Camden City. They get many referrals from social services and community outreach centers.

New Visions offers their clients breakfast at 9:30am and lunch at 12:30am. They eat in the community room where they also watch television, play games, and socialize with each other. In the front of the building is where the social service needs of the clients are met. Ms. Gail Evans- Kenny runs this department that offers help with housing, SSI benefits, Veteran benefits, job applications, and referrals to county services. This office also offers the clients a address to have their mail sent. There is also a Dentist who comes every third Friday of each month and offers free dental care. New Visions Director is Kevin Moran and his assistant is Ms. Gail Evans- Kenny. The parent company is Lutheran Social Ministries of New Jersey, which also manages nursing homes, retirement homes, senior housing, and adoption agencies. New Visions normally serves from one-sixty to two-hundred clients at the beginning of the month. Towards the end of the month they serve from two-hundred to two-thirty clients. In a partnership with St. Joseph in East Camden, St. Joe’s Café opens during the winter months from November to the end of April. My duties at New Visions during this field work assignment vary depending on which department I’m working in. I have learned to do intakes, help clients with applications, and assist in the kitchen, pantry, and clothing area. I haven’t actually seen an annual budget for New Visions, but last years corporate budget was about 36, 000,000, which is huge. New Visions is a non-profit agency that serves both homeless and non-homeless alike. It runs almost entirely on CWEP Welfare to work workers, Community Service workers, and Volunteers. In all there are twenty-four CWEP, Community Service workers, and Volunteers. There are only five people that are actual staff members. During the holidays, the agency gives away food bags to the community on Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. For the Christmas holiday, the clothing room is cleared out and decorated and filled with toys. This is just some of the many services offered at the New Visions Day Shelter agency. What Causes Homelessness

The topic of homelessness can be a sore subject for some people. In the Suburbs, officials try to ignore the fact that they have homeless individuals. They harass them, lock them up, and ship them into the urban areas. These are people that have been through a lot of hard times, pain, suffering, and rejection. Homelessness can be described as lacking a true home, a decent place with positive reinforcement, love, and stability. Homelessness tends to fall into two categories: temporary homelessness, and chronic homelessness. Temporary homelessness is short term, and will probably last any where from one night to a few months. Chronic homelessness tends to be people in situations that make it very difficult for them to find a stable home. This homelessness is usually caused by multiple contributing factors, and will take multiple agencies to get them off the streets.

There are many situations that...
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