Feeding America

Topics: Millennium Development Goals, Poverty, United Nations Pages: 3 (840 words) Published: November 20, 2013

Feeding America

Persuasive Speech
Introduction to Communications

Topic: Hunger in America
Purpose: To persuade my audience to feed people in America that are less fortunate than we are. Thesis Statement: The number of American that does not have food to eat due to job loss, the economy, and other reasons are constantly growing. If we stuck together and helped one another, we could make that number that is constantly growing, decline. I. Introduction

We see homeless people every day, asking for money for food or even just food. Have you ever wondered how these people got into these situations? Some of those people used to be doctors and lawyers and just feel on some hard times where they can’t provide for them nor their families. It’s ironic to think that America is one of the wealthiest nations, yet we have a very high number of people who cannot provide food for their families. Like we see with other countries, hunger in America isn’t there because a lack of food, but it’s there because poverty is affecting America more and more each day.

II. Body
Around the world, wherever poverty exists hunger is sure to exist as well. This is not surprising, and for some time, governments around the world have recognized the two as inseparable. The Millennium Development Goals (a set of human development targets), put reducing hunger and poverty together at the top of the list, as stated by an article in the Guardian. All the other goals follow from these two topics The MDGs, introduced at the United Nations (U.N) in 2000, have been accepted by all U.N. member countries, including the United States. The deadline for meeting them is 2015. Besides reducing global hunger and extreme poverty by half, the MDGs include improving maternal and child health, slowing the spread of infectious disease, achieving universal primary education, and providing wider access to basic services such as potable water and sewage treatment. The MDGs apply to all countries,...

Bibliography: www.feedingamerica.org
Claire Provost. MDG target to halve prevalence of hunger within reach, says UN.  9 October 2012. 
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