Features of Health Plans

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1. CheckPoint (Assignments Link): Features of Health Plans

When reading week one’s listed material of chapter one I have found there are five major types of health care plans that are covered in the material. These five major types of heath care plans are Indemnity Plans, health maintenance organizations (HMO’s), Point-of-Service (POS), preferred provider organizations (PPO’s), and consumer-driven health plans. All of these different types of health plans, or insurance have both similarities and differences.

Some similarities between these major types of health plans are that all of these health plans are working toward a healthy society; they all have co-payment and/or deductibles, and most plans do not cover dental procedures. A co-payment is a payment an individual makes that usually matches that of the health plan in place going towards the payment of health care. A deductable is a specified amount of money that is contributed towards the cost of a claim, that is put in place by insurance policies as being payable by the policyholder.

Some of the differences between the major types of health plans are the coverage details. Some cover preventive health (such as birth control) and do not cover pregnancy, and some health plans will cover pregnancy but not cover preventative health (birth control). Therefore, policies require referrals to specialists. Co-payment and deductible amounts range with the type of policy obtained.

I personally feel that most insurance companies and doctor facilities raise costs to the customers at a ridiculous rate. I think the best option to choose out of health plans would be a plan where preventative health is covered, needing a referral to specialists, pregnancy, and a cheap co-pay or deductable amount.
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