Feasibility Pizza Creation

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Pizza Creations will be located at Dagupan Centro, and can easily be found as it visible as you pass by. It has a wide area that the customers can enjoy some recreational activities like billiards, darts and etc. it has an amusing ambience that will attract customers who likes to relax and have some fun while eating, a perfect place for hanging out with their family, friends and love ones. The location is well secured for safety measures especially for the safety of our customers and to the public. The ingredients are fresh and that is the assurance that the customers will get from the establishment. Pizza Creations resides on a location wherein fresh produce are abundant. Cleanliness will be strictly observed in the establishment to maintain and sustain safety and sanitation standard.

The employees will be interviewed thoroughly because the company wants a dedicated employee to contribute in giving satisfaction to the customers we serve and help uplift the name of Pizza Creations.

The company assures that they will greet their customers with their warmest smile and welcome them as their guest not a customer. Pizza Creations has an inviting façade and inviting atmosphere that will surely entice passerby to visit the establishment. Pizza Creations loves its employee and they will be considered them as a family and the customer are very valuable to us that is why employee training is very crucial.

Pizza Creation is going to be established in Mayangaw St. Dagupan Tabuk City, Kalinga. It is a pizza house that offers freshly made pizza’s with the use of “Pugon” or the old fashion brick oven to bring out the true robust flavor of the product. It will be constructed during the construction of the building. There are four 18 inches, five 14 inches and eight 10 inches placed inside the pugon. Pizza Creation is also unique for it offers pizza of the present in the menu. For the pizza to be cooked in the Pugon, it will take 5 minutes. Not like other oven, pugon has a high temperature so pizza can be easily done. Preparation time for serving of the food is approximately ten minutes. The taste of the pizza is different and much crunchy as well as the appearance and the texture of the pizza than the others.

There is also a free wireless internet connection to customers who visit the pizza house.
The proponents proposed the business for pizzas is already part of Filipino diet. And it caters to all kinds of people from young ones to retirees but for the five years, it will only target a small percentage due to the number of competitors but will expect to gradually grow for the following years.

Advertisement will be done with the use of local radio ads, directory fliers, steamers and with the use of social networking system like Facebook, Tweeter, Multiply and My Space. Good business will be open from 9 o’clock in the morning until 10 o’clock in the evening from Mondays to Sundays.

An initial capital of 3.5 million pesos shall be invested. The proponents assume in the first five years of operations, the establishment will generate enough income for starters and continue on for the succeeding years.

With all these in mind, 2013 is the great time to start Pizza Creations Pizza House. The business is sensible for Filipino diet. PRODUCT/ SERVICE:

Pizza Creations
Glaze Aleli Roaquin
Sheryline Gamayon

Tabuk City, Kalinga
FORM OF BUSINESS: General Partnership

People of Tabuk
Government and Private Employee
Establish Pizza Creations as the newest choice for pizza and pasta dishes in the commodity by: Consistently providing absolute guest delight with excellent food for services in a clean and safe environment. Provide the highest standard for excellent production and delivery of...
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