Family Of Woodstock

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Family of Woodstock
Meagan Stanley
June 23, 2015
Professor Brennan
Family of Woodstock
The Family of Woodstock was founded in July of 1970. The organization began in Ulster County, New York. The founders of Family of Woodstock witnessed many things that led to the creation of this organization. After witnessing young people sleeping in parking lots, traveling by hitchhiking and searching or begging for their next meal and clothing because they desired to escape the world in which they lived, the organization began to take shape. After seeing this, the community came together, and Gail Varsi offered her home and a telephone hotline to help young people roaming in the area. The Family of Woodstock meets the needs of the community in different ways. The organization started with a 24 hour hotline in 1970 and has since developed into a more sophisticated human service program. The hotline is still a major part of the organization with several staff members and volunteers working to help those in need. In the 40 year history of Family of Woodstock, there has been the development of emergency housing, walk- in centers, help for teen runaways, and help for domestic violence victims. The organization has also developed programs for the homeless and medical services along with a free store. As the organization continues, it tries to establish new programs to help meet the needs of today’s society. They now have shelters such as the Family House. The Family House is a homeless youth facility with 14 beds. The Family Inn is a family shelter with 27 beds housing families in need. Other shelters include; The Washbourne House for victims of domestic violence and the Darmstadt Shelter, which primarily serves addicts in recovery. The Family of Woodstock also provides child care services, case management for adult and adolescent substance abusers and individual in the Ulster County Jail (“Family of Woodstock”, 2015). In addition to the residential services offered the organization also provides non-residential services. Non-residential services include advocates for domestic violence victims and the Evolve program. They also work to provide supervision for visitation with non-custodial parents. In the 40 years of the Family of Woodstock, the organization has evolved to be an imperative part of human services in Ulster County. Throughout the 40 years of the Family of Woodstock, the organizations beliefs and values have changed somewhat. When Family of Woodstock began, it was during the times of the Woodstock festival. In the beginning of the organization the goal was to help young people coming from the town of Woodstock. Many young people had runaway to be at the festival, and when the Woodstock festival ended, they had no place to go. Thus the organization was started to help them. Many people in the town of Woodstock did not believe that it was their responsibility to help the young people in need. The Family of Woodstock thought differently and with the value of volunteerism they began to help youth in the area. The first group of volunteers to form was known as the Soft Landing Machine. This group of volunteers began working with youth drug addicts. Volunteers spent time with the youth and helped them through their addiction. As Family of Woodstock further developed, they hired employees and no longer run with only the help of volunteers. They have also developed new programs. One value or belief that has not changed is, the belief in the need to help those on need. The doors of Family of Woodstock never close. They do not judge any individual based on their circumstances, race or religion. They believe in providing help for individuals to solve their own problems in the easiest way possible. The Family of Woodstock continues to train employees and volunteers to help clients feel welcome and comfortable in their new environment. Throughout the field of Human Services, there is one common goal. This goal is...

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