factors affecting access to resources homeless

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Factors affecting access to resources

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Gender Characteristics ResourcesResources

Opening hours
$ Money

Homelessness can create a division in services according to gender. While there is emergency, short-term and long-term accommodation for both men and women, there is more support for women in the form of women’s refuges. This imbalance is due to an increased need to protect women from domestic violence. Single gender shelters. Woman and children shelters.

Human and non-human, formal and informal resources available to them. Knowledge that the resources exist is an important first step .

Poor literacy and numeracy skills. As a group, the homeless need programs to improve these skills. They also require education about accommodation programs, welfare groups and social programs that are available to them. One reason that homeless people may not access services is that they simply do not know they are available.

Homelessness affects a significant number of youth. Generally, as a result of substance abuse and/or a breakdown in family relationships. Specific services have been created for homeless youth and the aged to meet the diverse needs of both of these life stages.

Socioeconomic Status
Most homeless people do not have an income. Difficulties in providing a standard form of identification (drivers license, passport, birth certificate) can make seeking government support or employment an ongoing problem. As a result, their prospects of finding independent housing or medical services are poor.

Language barriers less inclined to seek help due to misunderstandings. No interpreters, lack of cultural understanding, racism/discrimination may affect access...
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