Exploitation of Child Labor

Topics: United Nations, Developing country, Developed country Pages: 3 (794 words) Published: October 5, 2015
Seemingly, ‘exploitation of child labor' is just a word existing in the past. However, it is not. While the students living in the other side of world have all the rights that they ought to enjoy, the children who should be called as ‘students' are rather called as ‘workers' and keep working without knowing that they ought to enjoy the rights that they desire for. According to The International Labor Organization, India has 12.6 million laborers between the ages of 5 and 14, even though the children younger than 14 are prohibited from working as servants. The children sold by their parents to the placement agency in return for their family's meals for one or two days. They do not know do not know that they have a right to be provided proper amount of education, or to be paid for their labor. They just work because the employer asks them to do.

However, the more serious and profound problem is that children are willing to take the tools for their work rather than to take the pencils since not working, they know that their families must die of hunger. No children in the developed countries who can get anything they want can imagine that their families die of hunger unless they do not work. The more children in the developing countries work hard and desperately, the more people in the developed countries get what they want simply for their pleasantness and the more they contribute to this crime. It is time to face the piteous and inconvenient truth. No more ignorance or excuse can be the solutions to provide the children working under the burning sunshine what they ought to enjoy.

Becoming the leader of the fair trade campaign, I have learned one thing that the interest without sufficient knowledge toward the social problem is no use of at all. Through promoting the campaign, I realized that almost every does not concern about the exploitation of child labor. Unless proper amount of knowledge is attendant on concern about the social problem, it cannot be...
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