Explain the Key Factors That Have Allowed Canada to Enjoy Such a High Standard of Living Compared to Nations in the Developing World.

Topics: Canada, Human Development Index, United Nations Pages: 3 (768 words) Published: August 13, 2013
Explain the key factors that have allowed Canada to enjoy such a high standard of living compared to nations in the developing world. Your answer must refer to both Canada and the developing world.

Global communications, space exploration, and international events are just some of the things that formed the interconnected web between nations and sped up globalization. However, as much as we like to think that the world is making progress, there is still the undeniable fact that some countries citizens are much better off and enjoy a higher standard of living than compared to the people of other nations. Ever since the era of globalization began, the gap between the First and Third World is becoming bigger and bigger.

Canada has always been rated very high in the yearly UN Human Development Index as opposed the Third World. This essay will examine some key factors that allow Canada to have such a high standard of living compared to the developing world.

One very important structure of a country is its infrastructure. The infrastructure can be defined as the skeleton of the country; it keeps the country stable, connects it from region to region, and prevents it from collapsing. Divisions of the infrastructure may include things like transportation systems, communications systems, the post office, the military, and much more. In Canada, the infrastructure, even compared to other nations of the developed world is very advanced. In every city there is an efficient transportation system, everybody can go to school, our communication system allows us to talk to people across the country and among all others, Canada has a functioning government responsible to the people. The infrastructure that Canadians have provides stability to the people and in turn, creates a high living standard. The nations in the developing world that lack proper infrastructure, though, will find that their standard of living pitifully low because without school to educate their...
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