Explain the Difficulties That Developing Nations Experience as They Try to Break the Poverty Cycle

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Explain the difficulties that developing nations experience as they try to break the poverty cycle

Global communications, advancements in technology, and space exploration have all created an interconnect webs between the nations and a false illusion that the world is moving forward and together as a whole. As much as humans like to think they are making progress in global society, the real truth is as the developed countries were getting richer, the developing ones were getting poorer and poorer. One such reason why there is such a gap between the First and Third World is the developing nation’s inability to break the poverty cycle.

Poverty is existent in every country, but in developing countries, the poverty cycle can prove very hard to break. This essay will examine the difficulties surrounding the developed nations as they try to break the poverty cycle.

In most nations where poverty is wide spread, the lack of funding from the nation’s government and the global community is almost always a major obstacle. Money is considered a language of its own; everybody understands it and will use it. Major components that can help people get out of poverty needs to be paid. But often the government of the developing nation spends so much money on welfare programs and food distribution programs that they have no money left over to try to pull the country out of poverty. That means the government cannot afford things like teachers and schools to educate their citizens, doctors and hospitals to combat the spread of disease, better farming equipment to increase the food supply, and much more.

A trait that is characteristic to the developing nations is a rapid rate of population growth. This is usually done to combat high mortality rates, but also helps increase poverty. As more and more people are added into a population, it will put an even greater strain on the government and the countries resources. For example, instead of providing welfare to one million...
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