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Topics: Sociology, Youth, Corporation Pages: 2 (578 words) Published: March 30, 2013
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Print Shop: tripled bottom line operates as a social business and a corporate structure divided in terms of it’s two businesses some horizontal connection between the teams but not a clear functional structure hybrid between functional and divisional innovative features: social business (mohamed yunous) – integrating the production (commercial) and the teaching (social) business side – bringing in money to sustain the organization social side 2002 – they used to be funded by federal grants BUT caveat w. government funding required the trainees to be paid… issue: these are homeless youth and they are being taken off the streets – giving them homes and are taught basic survival skills on how to live, and take care of themselves any kind of not for profit formula has strict guidelines which is why they switched because it was counter intuitive to the social goal.

Case: Who: (names and position): - Andrew Macdonald and the Advisory Board (primary stakeholders) - Eva’s initiatives What: (Key Issues): - Whether or not to expand and if so how Why: (Root Causes): Funding Will the business side fund the social side? Need to help more at risk youth is pressing – growing problem

When (Timeline): - No, just as it works for the company - Changing the funding has put some constraints on the economic business, BEP Analysis: (application of course concepts, models, theories): - Performance: changing in funding formula away from government funding was made after 2005 strategic review – allowed Eva’s Phoenix …….. How did this impact its organizational design?

Strategy: integration of its social and commercial elements of the enterprise – triple bottom line, includes environmental – uses Bullfrog Power Models: - triple-bottom line - effectiveness measures: goal approach – internal process model: how does the training side interact with the commercial side? How are conflicts resolved? resource model: by choosing bullfrog power, they may be paying more for...
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