Ethics with service learning

Topics: Homelessness, Poverty, Homeless shelter Pages: 4 (2403 words) Published: November 3, 2014

ETHICS with Service Learning: FINAL PAPER
Homelessness is a big problem not only in poor country but also everywhere in the world; even the richest countries in the world still have several poverty dilemma. Media portrayal and news reported have been molding and shape our perspective towards them. Charities program to help homeless and poor people varied greatly with different agenda, from religious reason to commercial company. Through this service learning I was able to see homelessness as first hand observer. After explored the websites for the community partners, I’m interested in Episcopal Community Services in San Francisco. Episcopal Community Services help homeless people by providing food, house, learning service, medical care and other crucial services to help provide solutions for homeless so that the number of homeless people could be reduced. I’m planning to register as a volunteer to serve dinner at homeless center. I think by help them to serve dinner in homeless center I can experience that how is the feeling for being the other side. I always have been the customer, people who get served. I never been the other way around, but now I am the people who served, stand on the other side of counter. By volunteering in this area, I get to feel their experience, society judgment and pressure. I will learn the injustice system that happens to blue collar workers. I believe this experience will broaden my understanding of justice. When I told my friends, I will work in homeless shelter as a dinner server. They all said I’m stupid and crazy for choosing work in the homeless shelter. They said homeless people are crazy, rude, ungrateful and they might harassing me. honestly, that kind of freaking me out. Hence, I keep thinking by volunteering I could develop the humbleness and respect towards other people. First when I arrived in Episcopal, I went to the kitchen directly and they told me to prepare the buns and sausages for homeless peoples that already...

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